Spotify is a digital Audio Streaming and Media provider Sweden company. It gives you access to millions of songs and videos from all over the world, like Youtube music or Apple music. Spotify is known worldwide for its excellent audio streaming service. You can connect Spotify to other devices in your home also by Spotify connect option.

It allows users to use Spotify as a remote and can share it with other devices. You can share Spotify with Smart speakers, Smart Displays, Desktop apps, wireless speakers, Smart TVs and Streamers, and much more. All the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and have the same Spotify account.

How to use Spotify Connect?

To use the Spotify Connect feature make sure your all device has an updated version of the Spotify App. And they all must be connected to the same network and share the same Spotify account.

  1. Connect your all home device ( check the list of devices that can be connected) with the same wifi network.
  2. Install an updated version of the Spotify app on your device. Note- In the case of iPhone or Apple TV download Spotify from the App store. While in Android, tablet, Windows PC downloads it from google play store.
  3. Now, Select any song to play.
  4. Then, click on the “Now Playing” option and open the “Devices Available” icon.
  5. From the Devices Available option, search the device or speaker you want to connect.

After that, you can control all the connected devices with the help of your smartphone or computer.

Connect Spotify at Home

Listen to all your favorites on

  1. Smart speakers
  2. Smart Displays
  3. Desktop app
  4. Wireless speakers
  5. Watch
  6. Gaming consoles
  7. Smart TVs and Streamers
  8. Car Audio
  9. Headphones
  10. Smart home

How do I get to connect to TV?

  1. Firstly, check whether your TV support Spotify connect or not.
  2. Then open Spotify app on Your Mobile Phone or
  3. Click on the sign-in option. Sign in with your account and if you don’t have then make a new Account
  4. If your TV supports, Click on connect to Spotify by Using Spotify Connect.
  5. Select the Log In With Pin option and note down the pin
  6. Visit in your TV
  7. There, You have to enter the Pin.
  8. At last, it will Connect Your Spotify to Your Tv.

Spotify on PlayStation

To use Spotify on Playstation Firstly download the latest version of the Spotify app on your PSP. PSP must be PS5,4 OR 3. Then get

Logging in with Spotify App.

Launch the Spotify app on your phone and then Enter your login details, email address, and password. Then Open the Spotify app in PlayStation and log in with the same Spotify account. Find your device on your phone using Spotify Connect. When you log in to Spotify, your account links to your PlayStation Network account.

Connect Google Home app with Spotify.

  1. Open the Google play store.
  2. Download and Install Google Home app
  3. Open the app and then click on Account at the top-right corner.
  4. Your Google Account will be linked with your Google Home devices. Click on Login or Adding another account.
  5. Tap + at the top-left. Next, tap Music or audio.
  6. Choose Spotify, and click on the link Account with Spotify then Log In to Spotify.

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